Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoy this 16 minute Pod Cast entitled “Have You Heard The News” in which I introduce and demonstrate accessible newspapers and TV listings for the blind and physically challenged as well as AARP members.

I look forward to your feedback.

Most Sincerely,

Episode 26: Have You Heard The News

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoy this 69 minute Pod Cast entitled “An Introduction to the Smart Phone Experience” in which I demonstrate the use of a Windows Mobile Smart Phone in conjunction with a screen reader application for the visually impaired. 

It is my fervent hope that both the sighted and non sighted, alike, will find valuable content in this show.

Just so you know, I have sacrificed a bit of sound quality in order to conserve on file size and the amount of time it takes to download the file. 

I look forward to your feedback.

Most Sincerely,

Episode 25: An Introduction to the Smart Phone Experience

Hello guys and gals,

When you’re not ready to give a ring to your special someone, give them Mark’s favorite ring tones, instead.

Click here to download my favorite homemade ring tones for your phone for free. 




I can’t find the video feature on my Blackjack II.  I can get into the camera, but I can’t figure out how to switch it into camcorder mode.

Has anyone else had luck?




I am sending a copy of this post to the Code Factory’s Support team.

On the Samsung BlackJack 2, the video feature of the phone is referred to as “camcorder”.

Let me begin by telling you that you should not feel badly that you cannot find the camcorder feature on the Samsung BlackJack 2 Smart Phone running Mobile Speak Smart Phone from Code Factory. 

MSS does not read the menus in this area of the phone very well, to be sure.

Please take note of the following: Read the rest of this entry »


Just a quick reminder to all of our A T & T users that we, as low vision or blind customers, may access A T & T’s Voice Info system for free.  Sighted customers pay a monthly fee of approximately $4.95. 

You must call A T & T’s National Center for Customers with Disabilities in order to apply for the fee waver.  They can be reached at:  (866)241-6568.

To dial into the Voice Info system just press the star key (*) followed immediately by the number 8.  Then press the send key.  After the call has been connected, you will hear a voice prompt say, “Voice dial.”  Most of us already have address books stored on our phones but this is for those who do not.  At the voice prompt, simply say, “Voice Info.”  The system will walk you through the rest.  Standard air time charges do apply. 

Features in this system include finance, a news center, sports, weather, entertainment, wake up calls, and travel.  The travel will help you look up businesses and so much more.  It is all controlled by your voice.  Also, you can simply tell the system where you wish to go and it will give you turn-by-turn voice directions to the address or intersection you indicate. 

I think this is one of the most fun and useful features available to us on the A T & T wireless network. 

Since it does not cost A T & T customers with disabilities any money, why not add it to your proverbial toolkit? 

For complete information go to:



Click Here for my next article on a similar subject.



Here is a mobile friendly website directory that I think you will find very useful on your wireless device. 

Go to:




In an attempt to make the documentation for Gold Wave sound recorder a little more user friendly, I have adapted and reformatted the list of commands found in the User Guide in a way that I think is easier to use, especially for those of us using Braille or screen readers. 

Click Here To Begin:

I hope you find the documentation helpful.


Hello Mobile Speak Listers:

I have read the past few messages regarding family members asking questions; and, to be honest, they sadden me.

We must all remember that, at one time or another, all of us have asked what must have seemed to others as being silly or obvious questions that anyone could have answered on his/her own if she/he had just done a little research.  While this may be true, I believe that if I can make someone else’s path a little easier to walk, then, I for one, am glad to do so for many have helped me. 

We must also remember that this is a public list and perhaps it might be better to try some things on our own before asking; I have found that the things I learn on my own usually stay with me the longest. 

Always keep in mind that answers to questions are courtesies; that is, if you think a question is trivial, then, simply press the delete key on your keyboard.  Please, please do not criticize someone for asking a question for it is difficult enough for some of us to put ourselves out there, in the first place; and nothing is worse than being chastised for merely asking.  I have come to trust all of you and being told that my question is too trivial would be like a slap in the face.  I don’t know about you but there are very few venues in which I feel safe enough to ask questions; I treasure this list for that.  Let’s not destroy this place, OK?

Remember the old axiom, “there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.” 

All I ask is that if you discover something that another may find useful, no matter how small, please share it with the rest of us.

Now of course I am not the moderator of this list and if I sound presumptuous, I apologize, for this is only my humble opinion.

Please know that I only wish to help everyone on this list to obtain the greatest degree of confidence and independence possible.

Most Sincerely,

Mark Marcus


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