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I am going to show you how to create and work with a “to do” list on your Windows Mobile Smart Phone.  Please note that this tutorial is merely a quick introduction to the Task application.  To fully enjoy all of the benefits of this handy utility, you will need to explore each of its menus in detail.

Please be aware that on most Windows Mobile Smart Phones, there are two applications that include the word “Task” in their title, the Task application and Task Manager.  The following instructions are for use with the Task application and not the Windows Mobile Task Manager. 

As the term suggest, a “to do” list is simply an itemized list of tasks that you want to begin, continue with, or complete in a specific order and/or at a specific time in the future.   

Therefore, the Task application built into Windows Mobile allows you to create, edit, delete, and organize your task list.  This application can also remind you when each task needs to be completed. 

Please note that the following is based on Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition running on the Samsung Blackjack 2 Smart Phone.  The menu structure on your Windows Mobile based device may vary, slightly.  


Please be aware that on some Smart Phones, including the Samsung Blackjack 2, it is better to use the [Space Bar] instead of the [Enter] key to check or uncheck checkboxes.

Also, this tutorial assumes that you are not synchronizing your Smart Phone with the Microsoft Outlook Task folder on your PC. 

To create a new Task:

From the Start menu select Organizer.

Choose Tasks.  This will launch the Task application.   Assuming that you have not yet entered any Tasks into the Task application, you will notice that the Left Soft key is labeled “Complete” (disabled) and the Right Soft key is labeled Menu.  Note, were you to have old tasks that you wanted to update to the status of “completed” pressing the Left Soft key would quickly accomplish this.

Tap the Right Soft key, once, and select New Task from the resulting menu list.  Please note that many of the items on the menu that appear as the result of tapping the Right Soft key are self explanatory with one exception, the Beam Task item.  Simply put, the Beam Task feature allows you to send tasks, wirelessly, from your phone to another Smart Phone via Bluetooth.  This may be useful when you want to quickly delegate tasks to someone without having to use WIFI or the internet.

Please note that in order to move from one data field to another, you must press either the Up or Down Arrow key on your Smart Phone.  Note that the selection bar in the Task input form does not wrap from the top of the form to the bottom or vice versa.

Enter text in the Subject field.  Example, “Pick up dry cleaning.” 

Select the Priority level of the task by pressing either the Left or Right Arrow key.

The next field is the Status field.  Press the Enter key on this field when this task has been completed.  Note, you will skip this field when entering a new task.

Note, the following fields are optional and must be manually enabled by pressing the Enter key on each of them, in the form of placing a check in a checkbox, before data may be entered.

Place a check in the checkbox in the Start Date field and then press the Right Arrow key to enter the start date.

Place a check in the checkbox in the Due Date field and then press the Right Arrow key to enter the due date.  Note, this field must be enabled in order to set a reminder. 

Choose the number of occurrences for this task by pressing either the Left or Right Arrow key.

Place a check in the checkbox in the Reminder Date field and then press the Right Arrow key to enter the reminder date.  By default, you will receive a reminder at 8:00 AM on the due date.  You can change the date and time in this field.

If you wish, you may enter a detailed description in the Notes field.

Select Done by pressing the Left Soft key.


To edit an existing task, highlight the task and press the Left Soft key, labeled Edit.  Note that there is no Task edit function on pre-Windows Mobile 6 devices.  Pre-Windows Mobile 6 device users must delete a Task and re-enter it, or synchronize it with a PC and edit it with MS Outlook.

To delete a Task, highlight the task in the Task list and select Delete from the Right Soft key Menu list.

To sort or filter Tasks, from the Task list view, press the Right Soft key.  From the resulting menu, select either Sort By or Filter.  

That’s all there is to it.


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