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The following is the general procedure for deleting text messages from your Windows Mobile Smart Phone:

The following instructions assume that you wish to delete more than one text message at a time from any folder. Read the rest of this entry »

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You know, everyone is getting on the Text Messaging bandwagon with their mobile devices; even eligible singles seeking that special someone. 

While this area of meeting someone via SMS is still a mostly uncharted area of digital social communication, I am convinced that it is destined to be the preferred social platform of the future. 

If you are single and think you may be ready to take a non-traditional step towards finding your soul mate, check out the following two text messaging SMS based dating sites: Read the rest of this entry »


by Mark Marcus
My Dreamer:

The gift I gave you and will give to you again and again was born from the warmth and sincerity of my love

Fancy it and, alas, fancy me; for you are my one true sweet, sly, silly, sultry and seasoned dreamer of old.  

Let my gift embrace your dreams and let its fire ignite the flight that will ferry your thoughts to where they wish to go.

Ease your mind into the mist of my gift, close your eyes, and think of me.

Rest your dark essence upon my immortal hopes and primordial desires; and dream.  Dream of who you are, who I am, and what we will become, together. 

Until we met, I dared not ponder the wonders of the universe nor peer too closely into the shadows of my soul; but then you came unto me and I, to you, and the candles of my own dreams began to glow.

Accept my gift, my beloved dreamer and trust that, as one, we shall never let the dream, the one and only beautiful dream, erode.

Most Sincerely,

Mark Marcus
(August, 2008)

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As you may guess, I am always searching for the perfect all-in-one mobile phone portal that will forever change my view of not only myself, my family, my work, my country, my world, my universe, and even my very existence but also, more importantly, my experience on the Internet, itself.

While we all know there is no such thing as a perfect online resource, KeyToss, currently in beta,  comes closer to reaching mobile portal perfection than any I have seen so far. 

Take a look at what it has to offer: Read the rest of this entry »


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I received a text message from a friend of mine, the other day, while I was in a city council meeting.  I was just thinking how bored I was when my mobile phone silently notified me that I had just received a text message.  With just the click of a few buttons I learned that a friend had just wished me a good day and wanted me to know that she was thinking about me.  That message put a smile in my heart and a grin on my face. 

In that moment I began to wonder how many of us still do not recognize the ultra convenience and awesome power of text messaging. 

Therefore, in an effort to bring some understanding to the unfathomable and ever-changing ecosphere of SMS, I have collected the following information for your perusal. 

I’ll tell you now that there is a lot of material covered in this article.  Please know that you are, in no way, expected to memorize its contents.  Instead, use the information here as kind of a blueprint for how you may better take advantage of the SMS lane of the information super highway.  So, relax, put a smile on your face, and enjoy the ride.

Most Sincerely,


I have attempted to remove any profane, adult, and/or what I consider to be offensive material from the following information; however, I cannot guaranty that I have successfully removed it all.  If you discover a definition or translation that you deem inappropriate for this platform, please let me know and I will update the information accordingly.  

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I am delighted to share the following press release issued by Code Factory, the makers of mobile accessibility software for the visually impaired, announcing the new collaborative efforts of Candle Shore and Code Factory, two companies, one destiny. 

Click Here to Read Press Release  Mark 


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Recently I have received many questions about how to setup email on a mobile phone. 

The following is my general answer; no doubt some will find it elementary while others will find it daunting.  In either case, please keep in mind that setting up an email account can be a very, if not difficult to implement, then challenging task to master for many people. 

I sit in my comfortable office chair and power on my AT&T Wireless Samsung Blackjack 2 Smart Phone running Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Edition with Mobile Speak for Smart Phones installed.  Within less than two minutes of powering on the device, I can see (or hear) in one glance from the phone’s Home screen that I have two new voice mail messages, three new text messages, four new messages in my Code Factory email account, eight new messages in my gMail email account, thirty-six new messages in my university email account, seventeen new email messages in my Candle Shore email account and twenty new messages in my Yahoo email account. Read the rest of this entry »

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The following information was submitted by Ms. Loreal Lavigna, an HTC Mogul from Sprint Pocket PC user.

Loreal can be reached via email at:

The following was taken from:

The following instructions apply to those using any Mobile Device with an unlimited data plan in place with their wireless provider. Read the rest of this entry »

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The other night, I watched the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics on the NBC television network.  Of course, it was a time-delayed broadcast.  Nevertheless, as I listened to the beautiful Chinese melodies I began to wonder what the time difference is between Los Angeles and Beijing.

I picked up my Samsung Blackjack 2 Smart Phone and quickly opened its onboard world clock and, presto, I had my answer. 

After the broadcast ended, I began to think about the fact that not all mobile devices are equipped with an onboard world clock application. 

As is my custom, I searched the internet to locate a free online mobile friendly world clock website that any mobile device globe trotter can use. Read the rest of this entry »

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Here is some information on a free text messaging service I find very useful.  I hope you will, too. Read the rest of this entry »


August 2008
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