Hello My Fellow Samsung Crackerjacks,

I am delighted to inform you that, today, Monday, May 25, 2009, the day I saw and loved the new Star Trek movie, I purchased a new A T & T Wireless Samsung SGH-i637 non-touch-screen Windows Mobile (running WM6.1) Smartphone for my beloved wife. 

She has graciously agreed to permit me to use her new phone as a proverbial guinea pig for testing with Code Factory’s Mobile Speak Smartphone.  (Yeah!  Like she really has a choice!!!!)  (Big, Big, Smile) 

Based on my initial testing, I am so pleased to announce that the Samsung Jack SGH-i637 Smartphone appears to be as equally accessible with the latest version of Mobile Speak (v2.1.208) as is the Samsung Blackjack II SGH-i617 Smartphone with one major exception:

On the Samsung Jack, Mobile Speak cannot be used to access the device during phone calls.  
Initial areas of the OS tested:

The Today/Home Screen.
The Recently Used Programs (Located at the top of the Mobile Speak Default Screen).
Contacts List.
Email and SMS Messaging.
Call History.
Start Menu and all subsequent Submenus.
Sound Profiles.
Quick List.
Microsoft Voice Command.
Dial Screen.

MSS Installation Tips for the Samsung Jack:

Immediately upon installing MSS, although you will be able to navigate a portion of the Today/Home screen, you should immediately do the following:  From the Start Menu, Select Settings.  Next, select Display and change the default theme to Mobile Speak.  Also, you must change both the color and background image to default, as well.  Save the settings and then restart the device.  Mobile Speak will perform normally upon power-up. 

As with all Windows Mobile 6.1 devices, it is necessary to manually enable Microsoft Voice Command.  To do this, from the Start Menu, select Voice Command and choose “Yes” to enable.  Please note that, just as on the WM6.1 version of the Blackjack II, after being enabled, the default Voice Command button is the second key from the left side of the phone on the bottom row of the QWERTY keyboard.  In the device’s users manual, this key is called the Media Net key.  Just as with the Blackjack II, to launch Voice Command via the QWERTY keyboard, simply press and hold down the Media Net key until a 2-tone signal is heard.  Then, release the key and speak a command. 

Samsung Blackjack II users should note that while there are several minor symbol changes on the Jack’s full QWERTY keyboard, all Alpha/Numeric key assignments are the same as on the Blackjack.

Unlike the Blackjack II, or my beloved Epix, one must remove the battery in order to insert a Micro S D Storage Card into the device.

While all Samsung Blackjack II and Epix peripherals will work just fine on the Samsung Jack, such as power cords, USB cables, etc, the Jack SGH-i637 uses a slightly smaller battery form factor. 

In conclusion, I must say that the Jack is a clearly superior device to the Samsung Blackjack II in almost every measurable way including application speed, sound fidelity, screen display, and hardware quality. 

Bravo, Samsung. 

Most Sincerely,


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