In this approximately 11 minute episode of the Candle Shore Podcast, I discuss my recent encounter with, what I refer to as, sump pump drama. 


Episode:  Sump Pump Drama

Hello Everyone, 

Recently, I attempted to locate the Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) user guide in either HTML or Plain Text format in order to more easily read it with a software screen reading solution for the blind and low vision.

As I was unsuccessful in locating such a version, I decided to publish my own. 

Click Here to either download or view the Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) User Guide in HTML/Plain Text document format, complete with Hyperlinks. 

Although this document contains the entire text found in the original PDF version, I have omitted example images and diagrams.  In short, the formatting ain’t pretty but it works just fine for anyone using a screen reading software solution for the blind and low vision.

The document is quite large so it may take up to two minutes for it to load into your browser, be patient.



Hello Everyone, 

You know, we live in exciting times evidenced by the following information that brings a smile to my face and puts a song in my soul. 

Best of all, it really works!!! 


Google recently released Cloud Print, a web feature that allowed you to print documents on your home printer from anywhere. Today, they’re going to start rolling out that feature for mobile Gmail, so you can print straight from your smartphone.  Read the rest of this entry »

Hello Everyone, 

When I purchased my Nexus S, it was with the mindset that I would, once again, be taking a step into the wild frontier; not at all like the beautiful, smooth, and graceful universe of the iOS environment that I have come to know and love.

So, then, you can imagine my surprise at  receiving a message upon turning on the Nexus that a OS upgrade was available and ready to be downloaded and installed.

In less than 1 minute, including the automatic reboot of the phone, I was informed that my upgrade was successful. 

So, now, Boys and Girls, I am now running Android 2.3.2. 

Not Bad, Google, Not Bad At All.  (Smile) 


Hello Everyone,

As I have spent the last 8 hours or so experimenting on how to pair my Apple Bluetooth keyboard with my Nexus S in order to not only bring the convenience of adding a hardware keyboard to the device but to also enhance Android’s limited yet functional out-of-the-box accessibility for the visually impaired, I will keep this extremely short by simply stating that I have done it and am amazed at how effective and fluid the built-in accessibility feature of Android is. 

In my next post on this subject (Part 2) I will provide more details on how I paired my keyboard to Android.

I will also list some “out-of-the-box” limitations that I am sure you will find interesting.

Now keep in mind that, at the time of this post, I have not downloaded any third-party accessibility solutions. 

I think I am truly going to enjoy discovering Planet Android.


Hello All,

Just a quick note to let you know that I am the proud owner of a true Google Phone, the Nexus S.

No, I did not sign up for a T-Mobile account. 

So, stay tuned for Android focused articles. 

Don’t’ worry, I am still completely and totally in love with my iPhone but one has to stay versatile.


Hello Everyone,

In this approximately 14 minute episode of the Candle Shore Podcast, I share a story by 60 Minutes, a television magazine, that discusses common traits and signs among those that dwell in the madness behind the massacres.

Episode:  The Madness Behind The Massacres

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoy this approximately 50 minute episode of the 1970s CBS Mystery Theater radio drama, “The Deadly Blind Man’s Bluff”, published here as a Candle Shore Podcast.

After listening to this episode, you will never again underestimate those in the dark.

Episode:  The Deadly Blind Man’s Bluff

Hello Everyone, 

In this approximately 12 minute episode of the Candle Shore Podcast, I share a story by 60 Minutes, a television magazine, that discusses the pervasiveness of gambling in the United States.

Episode:  Gambling It All Away

Hello All,

The Apple App Store is home to thousands of wonderfully useful and creative programs that enhance and enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world for as little as 99 cents American.  But what if you are blind or low vision and in order to obtain an accessible version of the program, you must pay more than the standard cost?  

In this approximately 43 minute episode of the Candle Shore Podcast, I discuss this issue with Mr. Alex Georgiou, co-founder of Essency, makers of Awareness-The Headphones App.

Episode:  Paying The Cost


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